RIBER/DIBER: learn what's in your crystal

In co-crystallization experiments with protein and nucleic acids, it is not always clear whether the crystal contains the complex or one component alone. On this server you can download and use program RIBER/DIBER for judging nucleic acid content of a crystal based solely on diffraction data, before the structure is solved. The use of the machine learning techniques makes reliable, quantitative prediction of the crystal content available for non-expert users and high-throughput crystallography.

An open-source CCP4 compatible version of RIBER/DIBER is available for download. You can also use RIBER/DIBER without installing a thing. Follow link on top of this page and try RIBER/DIBER on-line!

RIBER/DIBER is available for Mac OS X

We have recently prepared a RIBER/DIBER version running on Mac OS X. Check download section for details.


The method was developed by Grzegorz Chojnowski, Janusz Bujnicki and Matthias Bochtler. Feel free to contact us at gchojnowski with any comments, suggestions or bug-reports.

If you find this tool useful please cite:

RIBER/DIBER: a software suite for crystal content analysis in the studies of protein-nucleic acid complexes G.Chojnowski, J.M. Bujnicki and M. Bochtler Bioinformatics 2012
[ doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bts003 ]

DIBER: protein, DNA, or both? G.Chojnowski and M. Bochtler Acta Crystallographica D 2010
[ doi:10.1107/S090744491000781X ] [pdf]