Getting started

General requirements

In order to use the enhanced mode of DIBER recent version of PHASER needs to be installed and configured in Your system. DIBER classification was trained with scores obtained using version 2.1.1 and this should guarantee the most reliable predictions. Remember that You need a valid license to use this program.

Installing binaries

The RIBER/DIBER executables were compiled under Debian Lenny and OS X 10.7.5 (Mac version). To install RIBER/DIBER download a version suitable for your system, unpack the gzipped tar archive with a command

  tar xvzf rdiber_X.Y.Z.tar.gz

and define the following environmental variables:

  in bash: 
  export RDIBER=/path/to/rdiber
  export PATH=$PATH:$DIBER/bin	
  in tcsh:
  setenv RDIBER /path/to/rdiber
  setenv PATH ${PATH}:${RDIBER}/bin

Compiling from sources on Linux

RIBER/DIBER executable should run on most of the modern Linux distributions. For distributions with old standard C/C++ libraries, RIBER/DIBER has to be compiled from source. To compile DIBER, do the following:

  cd /path/to/rdiber/src

RIBER/DIBER has been tested most extensively under several versions of Ubuntu and Debian. If you find bugs under any other operating system, please let us know the details so we could fix them!

Compiling from sources on Mac OS X

First you will need to install MacPorts or Fink on your system. Then compile RIBER/DIBER with the following:

  cd /path/to/rdiber/src

Testing RIBER/DIBER installation

You can test RIBER/DIBER on one of the example datasets using attached shell scripts

  cd /path/to/rdiber/examples

MS Windows

Windows version is not yet available. You can use RIBER/DIBER on-line instead.